Saturday, March 21, 2009

John Caples International Awards

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Above: Host Ralph Harris, actor and comedian, had everyone laughing.

On Thursday, I attended the John Caples International Awards with my teammate Daniel McCoy. We were entrants to the Student Campaign of the Year Award, sponsored by Alloy Media + Marketing, with a campaign entitled "Spin the Pen. Save the Planet." Among our many campaign strategies, we utilized a Facebook group, YouTube page and website. We featured pen spinners JC and Xero spinning the Recycology products. The response was great. As of now, we have almost a thousand YouTube channel views, 22 subscribers, and 1848 total video views. On Facebook, we have over 200 Group members. Here are some of our videos:

And the winner was.... drumroll, please... Daniel McCoy and Erica Swallow! We were super excited to win. Above and beyond winning, we had the opportunity to meet countless industry experts and enjoy a wonderful evening at Capitale. Below is our trophy!

Thank you to JC and Xero (our pen spinners), Josh Oh (our cameraman and video editor), Bernhard Wiecha (our Flash guy), and Chris Turan (our webhost)! Thank you Weikai for running to the convenient store to get tape, ironing the sheets, lending us your lamps, and being our first YouTube subscriber! Thank you Dan for being my teammate! Thank you to Alloy Media + Marketing, Pentel, the judges, DMNews, and the John Caples board. Cheers to all!


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