Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Syrah or Shiraz?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Above: Project Happiness Syrah Red Wine from Trader Joe's

Everyone needs some happy red wine every now and then. That's why I chose pRojECt hApPinesS Syrah tonight!

And then I realized a disconnect in my knowledge between Shiraz and Syrah. I began to wonder, "Are Shiraz and Syrah the same type of grape?"

The answer: Yes!

It turns out that Shiraz and Syrah are indeed the same grape. According to, the difference lies in how you use the names:

"Syrah is the old-world name, and it's used when referring to wines either from France's Rhône Valley or wines made in that style, like those from California. Shiraz is the "new-world" name, and it's given mainly to wines made in a modern style, like those from Australia."

So, there we have it! We can all go back to our normal lives, in peace of the knowledge that Shiraz and Syrah are one in the same!


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