Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Business Cards with Style

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I was at an event a week or so ago, when I decided that my business cards are out-of-style. Luckily, that same night, a trendy professional was handing out his "minicards" with personalized photos on the back, purchased from moo.com.

That night, I went home and ordered my very own minicards, customizing them with pictures I had taken in China, Thailand and New York. I chose around 40 pictures. Can you believe that you can upload up to 100 photos? And it's all included in the base price of $19.99 for 100 minicards.

Yesterday, I had a package in the mail. It was my minicards! I wanted to share the experience with you! Here's what I found within the envelope that had shipped from London:

Above: The cute container that held my mincards

Above some of the various cards that I customized!

I definitely recommend these minicards for professionals who are tired of the average black-on-white business card. These minicards add a personal touch and story to each card that you hand out. Now I'll have a story to tell each time I hand out my card!


Erica Swallow

One of my friends, Jess VanNess, recommended this link to me after reading this post:

It's a post about "51 Creative Business Cards".

Really loved it! Enjoy!

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