Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Which Color M&M are You?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009
I took the M&M test today to see which color M&M I would be. Turns out I'd be red! Here's the description:

You are the fiery M&M! You are a revolutionary and want to change the world! You can only be tamed by the sexy green M&M who you are madly in love with. You stand out in a crowd, however that sometimes means you are the first to get eaten....
Isn't that lovely? Take the quiz here, to see what color M&M you are!



I've always liked red on you! It's rather like orange...

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ha ha very nice illustration, I think I am green... I don't wanna change anything, and I don't care this world. but I am a friendly guy who love the Nature, so I can be the green chocolate.


in my case, all of then because I love M&M! I remember that my father worked in a grocery store near of a border, for that reason he always brough chocolate.

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