Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shecky's Beauty Night Out in NYC

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Above: Maria Kucinski, Erica Swallow, Jamall Oluokun and Kriti Bhandari

I recently attended my first Shecky's Beauty Night Out with three lovely friends (pictured above). Shecky's is most known for their Girls Night Out, an event that pulls together the best of fashion, cocktails, food and fun! They also have Holiday Night Out and Getaways! Beauty Night Out is all about beauty... makeup, face, hygiene and dietary products. Even more exciting, all of the events include a HUGE Goodie Bag! The giftbag is so well-known that they call it "Shecky's Famous Goodie Bag". haha. The goodie bag was simply wonderful, to say the least. It's definitely the biggest goodie bag I've ever received at an event. Of course, there is a price to enter, but still!

If you're curious about Shecky's, I say go! It was definitely worth it! (Tip: Sign up for the Shecky's Insiders program for discounts before purchasing tickets.)

For more information, check out the Shecky's photo gallery!


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Party , party!!!!!! I think that these girls are so hot, they want to enjoy the night with their friends and with alcohol and boys!! I would like to be there!!22dd


I can see it was a perfect party night specially because that man was next to beautiful women and also drinking some cocktails, I think that's the most perfect way to spend the night.

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